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Our Policy 

Hello Everyone! 

We just have a few polices that we believe would impact our services drastically. We would like to let you know that by using our website, you agree fully to our policy and terms of use. 

Defined Terms Used on Our Website

Our: This term refers to the owner of this website and business. 

Visitor or you: This is referring to you the customer or member when using this website. 

Personal Information: This may include the person's name. Residential address, billing address, delivery address, phone number, email address and other similar contact information, as well as Website usage history data.  It may also include a person’s credit card information when presented for payment purposes. 

General Terms

When ordering please know that the payment to be paid at delivery. There will be no refunds for any of the products sold. If you have any comments, compliments, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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